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NovaPED sports

Item no. 987618-000 (wide)
Item no. 987617-000 (narrow)
The NovaPED sports Golf is coordinated with the different needs in golf.

The foot is not only relieved and supported during long walks but also receives a stable basis for the drive.

Area of use:
  • Golf

Application examples:
  • Pes-valgus foot (Pes plano valgus)
  • Splayfoot (Pes transversus planus)

Construction features:
  • Support and stabilisation of the foot's arch structures
  • Guidance of the rear foot
  • Continuous padding layer
  • Additional pressure reducing of the heel and the joint's of the big toes
  • With high-quality micro fibre cover
  • Available in sizes 35-53 wide, 35-46 narrow