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NovaPED sports
Ball Sports

Item no. 987661-000 (wide)
Item no. 987668-000 (narrow)
Ball sports are characterised by changing movements – running, jumping, turning and stopping. Particularly the big toe, the inside of the foot and the forefoot are subject to high strain. Overstrain may lead to pressure points, callous formation or pain in the foot, knee, hip and back.

NovaPED sports Ball Sports alleviates sports-specific complaints and ensures wearing comfort with concurrent relief of strongly strained areas.

Area of use:
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball

Application examples:
  • Achilles tendon problems (Achillodynia)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee pain (Chondropathia patellae)
  • Pes-valgus foot (Pes plano valgus)
  • Splayfoot (Pes transversus planus)

Construction features:
  • Stabilises and supports the mid- and rear foot
  • Cushioning forefoot padding
  • Support of the forefoot's outer edges
  • With high-quality micro fibre cover
  • Available in sizes 35-53 wide, 35-46 narrow