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News Archive

Demanding World Cup days in Oberhof and Antholz

Famed for its typical rain, fog and wind, Antholz uncharacteristically greeted the biathletes and our service team with bright sunshine. Top biathletes from all over the world mad...
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Extreme weather events in Oberhof

As already in the past year, the organisers had to struggle with inclement weather in Oberhof. Snow was laboriously scraped together in the Thuringian Forest. In addition, fog and ...
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The Start to the New Biathlon Skiing Season

The Weltcup (world cup event) in Hochfilzen from 05.-09.12.2012 finally saw winter make its first appearance. Conditions for the athletes were excellent, with substantial falls of ...
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Biathlon in Hochfilzen

The winter season is in full swing. Once again this year, Schein is providing support to the athletes with the high-quality NovaPED sports inlays as the official "IBU Supplying Sil...
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Biathlon season opens

Biathletes from all over the world are once again being supplied with special inserts of our brand NovaPD sports for the 2011/2012 season as part of a new contract with the Interna...
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