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Demanding World Cup days in Oberhof and Antholz

Famed for its typical rain, fog and wind, Antholz uncharacteristically greeted the biathletes and our service team with bright sunshine.

Top biathletes from all over the world made their way to our service container, where they were provided with NovaPED sports insoles.

We met Franziska Hildebrand from the German Ski Federation, and Dominik Windisch from Italy and Simon Eder from Austria also stocked up on new insoles for the remainder of the season.

We welcomed athletes from many different nations to our supply station, including Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Canada, Belarus, Italy, Austria, Germany, China, Serbia, Romania, Japan and Ukraine.

The next stop for our team is the World Cup in Canmore, Canada.

Text: Norbert Christ
Photos: Katja Reichelt, Robert Schwepkes, Norbert Christ

Eder at the finish line


Hauser at the start

Hildebrandt, Reichelt

Hinz at the start


Schwepkes, Windisch, Reichelt

Team China Gait analysis

Christ, Eder, Schwepkes

Katja Reichelt

Reichelt and Ricco Groß