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NovaPED sports
with cut-out of the plantar fascia tendon

Item no. 987623-000
Item no. 987621-000 (Construction kit)
About 10 % of all people are suffering from heel pain in connection with a heel spur or inflammation of the plantar fascia tendon. Walking becomes agony and compensation movements cause further problems.
In this case, the NovaPED sports Running can relieve the aching joint and alleviate complaints.

Area of use:
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Nordic Walking

Application examples:
  • Inflammation of the plantar fascia tendon
  • Heel spur (Calcaneus spur)

Construction features:
  • Cut-out of the plantar fascia tendon and its attachment
  • Good pressure distribution by the strong longitudinal arch
  • Long-sole soft bed
  • With high-quality micro fibre cover
  • Available in sizes 35-49

Construction kit for individual design option comprising of:
  • 1 pair foot support blanks
  • 1 pair balancing pads for the side without pain, without cover